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When we look far ahead and think about the meaning of progress, then we expect the goals that we agree and we do it together. This perspective is that we apply to every heart and mind poured in the hope of togetherness for good and progress of a nation. An Honor for us, going with the timorense to work together realizing a dream of pride to become prosperous and rich.

Starting from the concept to give our best to satisfy every daily need of the Timorese people, we try to understand every detail, it gives birth to Grasia Group, a holding company that oversees several subsidiaries that focus to meet the more specific and deeper all spheres of life. they are included in it, including Grasia shop, who works at the daily needs rangingfrom candles, foods and beverages, cigarettes, and so on.

Then, Grasia Timor Energy attended as a business entity that can meet the needs of the Timorese people to the gas used for cooking and other needs. As the Grasia Farm, which focuses on the production and marketing of chicken eggs as a source of protein for entire land of Timor.

The development of technology in the past decade lately, give us an idea of establishing a company in it that is actually caring for all the needs of the Timorese technology as a symbol of the progress of a nation. Because we can touch all areas of life is an honor, and therefore also engaged in the construction helping build the common homeland is the main core of Grasia Constraction and Grasia printing based on the satisfaction of the need for the Timorese of all things belonging to the print media.

AII told us that the mandate which is endearing, advance together with East Timor is our goal and our dream are able to offer the best for this nation.

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Address: Kuluhun Street 57th, Dili, East Timor

Office Phone: (670) 3313002

Mobile Phone: 77325303 / 77433200


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